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Why a classic air purifier is insufficient

How does an air purifier work?

The room air is first sucked in by means of a fan and then cleaned in the unit. Depending on the philosophy of the manufacturer , different technologies are used in air purifiers :

  • Filter (EPA, HEPA, ULPA)
  • Ozone
  • Plasma air ionizer
  • UV-C

What weak points do all air purifiers have in common?

A general problem is that the purification takes place first in the air purifier. Consequently, the entire room air must be passed through the unit, or the filter, in order to disinfect the air masses.

And it is here that the greatest difficulty arises:

Similar to a car’s manufacturer’s fuel consumption data, these are collected under optimal laboratory and test conditions. These values can hardly be achieved in everyday use of the vehicle. The same applies to the function of the specified room circulation of many air purifiers , these test data are also prepared under laboratory conditions .

In the case of an air purifier, the air flow measurements are regularly carried out in completely empty laboratory rooms. Logically, the air exchange in the circulation without any obstacles is quite simple here, because the room air can circulate unhindered.

a. Indoor air flow in an empty room under laboratory conditions *.

In everyday life, however, air flows behave in a much more uncontrollable and complex manner.

They are disturbed and interrupted by objects and/or people in the room. Room air exchange is still possible, but the variables must be taken into account when setting up the unit on site.

b. Room air flow in the presence of a row of lamps on the ceiling *.

In reality, the flow phenomena are three-dimensional

* Source: Study Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich; Can mobile room air cleaners effectively reduce an indirect SARS-CoV-2 infection risk through aerosols? Version as of 05/08/2020 1;

As can be clearly seen by comparing the two diagrams, even the minimal resistance of a single row of lamps results in a completely new room air behaviour.

Now, there are usually several items in a room such as pieces of furniture, shelves and lamps. In particular, the presence of people presents a special challenge, as they additionally create an air suction with every movement.

Now it is understandable and understandable that the function of the air purifier is very limited and the statement of the technical data is almost worthless.

So in order for a consistent change of room air to work under real conditions, the air purifier would have to create a real “draft”. However, most people find it extremely uncomfortable. In addition, the noise created by the fans and the wind noise would be massively disturbing when staying in the room.

Note on the current situation: due to the acute situation, one would possibly also be willing to accept drafts, and fan noise temporarily. In the long run, however, this purchase would most likely turn out to be a bad buy and then purchase loyalty would definitely arise.

supposed solutions

In any case, it is advisable to seek professional advice for the purchase of an air purifier, because it is not done with “just buy a device and set it up”.

Even with an optimal positioning of one or more air purifiers and the consideration of all disturbing factors in the room air flow, a gap remains:

The air purifier is still limited by its mode of operation because it must first circulate the entire room in order to be able to clean the contaminated air. This loss of time is reflected in several disadvantages:

  • the bacteria can multiply and settle on surfaces
  • the viruses can search for a new host undisturbed
  • Aerosols remain unfiltered in the air for a long time

Therefore, these open problems must be solved by a new approach and technology.

Is there a consistently thought-out solution?

Yes, the solution is FRIDA!

FRIDA combines all claims in a
5-dimensional surface hygiene & indoor air concept:

FRIDA neutralizes aerosols directly and immediately in the room air (viruses, bacteria, germs etc.)

FRIDA disinfects all surrounding surfaces and objects

FRIDA deactivates viruses by UV-C irradiation (smaller than 0.1 µm)

FRIDA cleans the air through a H14 HEPA filter (suspended particles larger than 0.1 - 0.3 µm)

FRIDA provides comfort through a pleasant fragrance system

FRIDA Luft- & Raumreinigung

FRIDA answers the above question with its 5-dimensional concept:

The special feature of FRIDA is the DiOMiX technology newly developed in Germany – an absolute world first!

This ingenious technology allows FRIDA to neutralize aerosols, viruses and bacteria directly at the point of release in the room. The contaminated air does not have to be sucked in and cleaned by an air purifier. Bacteria and viruses can be rendered harmless immediately, and the transmission of viruses to new hosts is also prevented much more quickly.

The invisible particles of the specially developed DiOMiX liquid are distributed throughout the room and are always active there for up to 90 minutes.

Due to the regular change of the room air and the constant release of DiOMiX, there is always a sufficient number of active particles in the room air. As a result, the particles remain suspended in the air and then slowly settle on all surfaces and objects. Due to the special composition of DiOMiX, all surfaces and objects in the room are consequently disinfected. Further transmission of pathogens through contact with contaminated surfaces and objects can be successfully prevented in this way.

During the development of the worldwide unique FRIDA technology, great importance was attached to the fast and efficient mode of action. At the same time, DiOMiX does not pose any risk to human health and can therefore be used on a daily basis without any concerns whatsoever.

FRIDA was developed in Germany and is built there with a noble metal housing – it can do a lot and also has a lot of power.
FRIDA’s complex architecture combines for the first time a high quality HEPA 14 filter and an additional UVC radiation, which is used for proven virus neutralization. On top comes the specially developed DiOMiX technology.
All components are used for cleaning and disinfection, they are installed in a solid, shapely and stable standing metal housing.
FRIDA achieves a lot: the very close-meshed HEPA 14 filter alone requires a really powerful fan with sufficient suction force – optionally and for more airflow, FRIDA is also available with a HEPA 13 filter. Because filters or filter systems themselves are passive, air must be sucked through them. The power of the fan is always decisive for the efficiency, because it determines the size of the area that can be covered by a device.

Air flow-, filter- and fan power - FRIDATM unites all positive aspects

Depending on the manufacturer, you can often find absurd specifications here, for example, a low wattage of a fan is an indication that only smaller amounts of air can be sucked in and thus also filtered.
If the advertised device has a very “dense”, i.e. fine-meshed filter and at the same time advertises an enormous air volume performance, every consumer should critically examine what is being offered to him.
The stronger the resistance through a filter, the more powerful the fan must be – comparable to the attempt to suck up frozen liquid through a straw, because the force to be applied must be increased accordingly the more viscous the substance is.
The same applies to filters and fans!

The great thing about FRIDA: It is guaranteed to filter virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal and that with an optimal ratio of air volume & filter class to size and price of the cleanroom system!

Despite the strong intake power and the high-performance components, FRIDA has succeeded in ensuring quiet operation and reasonably economical power consumption.

When buying an air filter unit, always make sure that the filter technology used actually includes filtration of viruses: the filter specified should ideally be a HEPA 13 or HEPA 14 filter.

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