FRIDA Luft- & Raumdesinfektion
About us

The philosophyof the "makers" of FRIDATM

The inventors and manufacturers of FRIDA are German entrepreneurs who were also affected by the CORONA pandemic in various areas. Apart from the fact that companies were no longer able to operate successfully, familiar work processes were interrupted, and a host of new challenges arose. New suppliers and subcontractors had to be found, completely banal tasks became unknown problems. In addition, there were economic fears and questions from many employees as to what the future would look like. Along with these problems came family dramas and Corona illnesses with hospitalizations and, tragically, deaths among acquaintances. 

A word like LOCKDOWN became a spectre and the uncertainty about measures and their sensefulness, permanent media presence of COVID-19 and in addition quarantine for family members, friends and also employees brought all entrepreneurs in many countries and all industries to their limits. But also citizens, customers and of course nursing staff were confronted with a completely new situation, all known strategies for conflict management did not work anymore. Constantly new rules, new horror numbers about infections and increasing deaths – all this seemed and still seems now partly like from a bad nightmare.

FRIDA is supposed to be a successful concept, which makes its contribution to break through fears, but also the ever increasing spiral of bans, bids and distance or hygiene measures – discussions about compulsory vaccination or vaccination dangers, questions about mutations and the future.

The acquisition of FRIDA is not only about COVID-19 and the current situation – we also want to help to better mitigate chains of infection, sources of infection and health-threatening or problematic overlaps when people meet in the future.

It is a matter of offering an optimal system also in the future – and nobody knows what awaits us – by using the best currently known systems for “passive” filtration of air by means of HEPA and UV-C light, as well as our own development by means of FRIDA DIOMIX for active disinfection of breathing air and additionally the possibility to disinfect surfaces comfortably and regularly.

We want to see happy customers in shops again, joyful people going on trips, good friends getting together to celebrate, loving relatives with their parents and grandparents in the nursing home, studious pupils with normal contact with their school friends, patients in waiting rooms without fear of additional infection and, of course, employees who can once again go about their work with colleagues in a motivated manner – the list could be continued at will, but perhaps best summed up with the statement: Live life as it was “before Covid-19” – just as it used to be!

We hope to do our part with our system, no matter what the next virus – or bacteria – or whatever – challenges may be.

Thank you for your trust, many good hours using FRIDA and stay healthy!

Lars Mönch & Julian Schwarz-Gewallig