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Frequently asked questions around FRIDA™

Recent studies confirm that air purifiers can be helpful against aerosols, bacteria and viruses. However, only under certain conditions. The decisive factors are the selected technology, the degree of separation and the volume flow/air flow rate of the fan.

The room air is first sucked in by means of a fan and then cleaned in the unit. It frees the room air from bacteria, viruses, house dust, fine dust, pollen, odours and mould spores. Depending on the philosophy of the manufacturer , different technologies are used in air purifiers .

Indoor air quality is usually far less healthy than outdoor air. Even if you live in a city. Particularly in newer buildings, the air inside is contaminated by pollutants due to tightly closing windows and doors and the massive use of plastics. There is an increase in bacteria, mould and vapours, which can have a massive impact on health. Especially if there are pre-existing conditions such as asthma. For allergy sufferers , air purifiers have always been a real satisfaction .
Currently, they are also very much used to protect against bacteria and viruses and to fight diseases. High-quality systems are suitable for this purpose, which offer further technologies such as UV-C, plasma and ozone treatment in addition to filter technology.

Relevant laboratory tests have shown that ventilation only has a short-term effect. The particle content of the air is usually at the previous level after only a few minutes.

The most common types of air purifiers are:

  • Filter air purifier (EPA filter, HEPA filter, ULPA filter)
  • Ozone generators / ozone air purifiers
  • Plasma air ionizer / plasma air purifier / plasma ionizer
  • UV-C air purifier

It is important to consider whether other technologies are used that focus on deactivating the small particles (< 0.1 microns). This is the only way to ensure that the room air purifier is fully effective against all pathogens such as bacteria, fine dust and viruses.

There are many other technologies available,

  • Ozone generators / ozone air purifiers
  • Plasma air ionizer / plasma air purifier / plasma ionizer
  • UV-C air purifier

Which is the right alternative, you should definitely check very carefully. It is very important to know that some of these technologies can be harmful to health and even cause cancer. Therefore, choose a suitable air purifier very carefully.

FRIDA is no ordinary air purifier. Because FRIDA not only cleans the air, but at the same time deactivates viruses, disinfects the air as well as surfaces and objects in the room. For the first time worldwide, it combines the certified filter standard with highly effective UV-C technology and our specially developed DIOMIX technology in just one device.

Unlike all other air purifiers, FRIDA does not wait until the air arrives in the unit. FRIDA can deactivate the harmful viruses and bacteria immediately and directly in the room, at the place of their origin. The room air is consequently fresh and disinfected on the spot.

In conventional air filtration units, on the other hand, the contaminated air in the room is drawn in for cleaning. By the time it gets to the air purifier, it can infect the people in the room before the scheduled purification.

It’s not done with “just buy a device and set it up”. The areas of application are far too diverse. In order to ensure proper functioning, this must be professionally checked.

We recommend in any case an on-site consultation by our sales partners in the entire D-A-CH region.

Please use our online form. We will contact you immediately.

With DIOMIX technology, the freshly cleaned and disinfected air is enriched with our specially developed DIOMIX liquids. When added, the aggregate state of DIOMIX Liquid changes from its original very finely dosed liquid form to gaseous with the size of a molecule.

The tiny, micrometer-sized particles of the special DIOMIX liquid distribute themselves continuously and imperceptibly throughout the room and are able to eliminate free-floating pathogens in the aerosols. such as Neutralize bacteria and viruses directly at the point of origin. The viruses and bacteria can therefore no longer be transmitted to other people. This makes DIOMIX technology the fastest and most effective method of combating unwanted pathogens.

DIOMIX technology uses DIOMIX liquid, a specially developed agent based on chlorine dioxide. In the dosage, special care was taken to ensure that it is harmless to the health of humans and animals. Numerous scientific studies have shown that chlorine dioxide can be used safely in such a low dosage. Chlorine dioxide, for example, has been regularly used in the food industry for decades.

Yes, with UV-C there are even extreme differences. Not all UV-C is the same!
Therefore one should inform oneself here in detail. Because UV-C can be harmful to health if used incorrectly.

Basically, ultraviolet (UV) light is part of the natural light spectrum. UV-C light very reliably destroys the genetic material of viruses, the molecular components such as DNA. This causes the (micro) organism to die. This has been proven in several scientific studies.

Artificially generated UV-C radiation has been used for decades in some areas of hygiene:

  • Purification of drinking water
  • Disinfection in sewage treatment plants, laboratories, air conditioning systems, swimming pools and aquariums
  • Processing of food and beverages
  • Disinfection of packaging, also for baby food, among other things
  • Air cleaning of e.g. airports

A recent study by Boston University confirms that the range of UV light known as UV-C light (wavelength of 100 to 280 nm) is extremely disinfectant.

UV-C light is also increasingly used during the corona pandemic. For example, mouth guards can be cleared of viruses. In Singapore, an entire shopping mall was disinfected with the help of UV-C light. In the Moscow metro, carriages are irradiated with UV-C light at night to kill coronaviruses.

With UV-C light, however, it depends very much on how it is installed.

Some suppliers work with unshielded systems, in which the UV-C light openly irradiates the room. For this type of application, there must be no persons in the room. Because the direct irradiation of UV-C light is absolutely harmful to the health of humans and animals.

The other way the UV-C light can be installed is in a closed housing. When using UV-C light, it is essential to ensure that the UV-C light is reliably shielded from people. Therefore, the UV-C lamps are well protected inside. This has the advantage that the UV-C light only hits the viruses trapped in the device, but not the skin and eyes of the people who are in the room. Ultraviolet radiation does not endanger health. This is also confirmed by the test of VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

Another potential danger of UV-C is the formation of ozone. To get around this, there are UV-C lamps that are equipped with specially doped silicon dioxide. These can be recognised by the letter “L” in the type designation. The ozone-forming UV-C lamps have “VH” in their designation. The absence of ozone is achieved by not emitting light below 250nm.

But also the power of the UV-C lamp plays a major role. The higher the dosage, the higher the effectiveness.

It is therefore important to ensure that powerful UV-C lamps are used. For example, some manufacturers use low wattage lamps (e.g., less than 20 watts). This is definitely too little in the fight against viruses.

Especially with air purifiers , another factor is the irradiation time because the air moves relatively quickly in the device . In order to be able to guarantee the longest possible irradiation time, UV-C tubes should be used which are installed in the same direction as the air flow. Due to the length of the tube, one has a longer distance and thus more time to irradiate the passing air than with a UV-C lamp.

No, the UV-C light in FRIDA is not harmful. On the one hand, UV-C light is only harmful to health in a direct and very high concentration. UV rays also occur naturally through sunlight. On the other hand, the UV-C tubes are located inside the device and do not release any radiation to the outside.

UV-C tubes are another source of danger if they are not coated with specially doped silicon dioxide. FRIDA has taken care to use UV-C tubes that neither produce nor release ozone.

Most of the devices that are sold in electrical stores or on online platforms for small money are not sufficiently suitable for viruses and bacteria. Most of these units have only one filter system and only a low volume flow. As a rule, they do not achieve any relevant values in improving the indoor air.

The volume flow/air flow rate indicates the value of how much air can be circulated through the unit per hour. This makes it the ideal indicator to evaluate whether the performance of the unit is suitable for the planned room application.

The degree of separation is the measure of the effectiveness of air purification. It is the ratio of the concentration of suspended solids (including bacteria, germs, pollen, viruses) separated by the system to that which initially entered.

For the consumer , the separation efficiency indicates the efficiency and therefore the effectiveness of the air purifier .

For filter air cleaners, the filter performance indicates the value of the separation efficiency. The higher the degree of separation, the higher the filter performance. So what’s being sucked in to what’s coming out. Air purifiers with filter technology are particularly effective against larger particles such as house dust, fine dust, pollen, odours and mould spores. Therefore, these can be a real satisfaction especially for allergy sufferers in their own four walls.

A good filter system is laboratory tested and is classified according to a standard for suspended solids of particle size 0.1 to 0.3 micrometres (DIN EN 1822). EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are available with the following filtration efficiencies

  • EPA high-performance particulate filter (Efficient Particulate Air)
    • E10 EPA filter > 85 %.
    • E11 EPA filter > 95
    • E12 EPA filter > 99.5
  • HEPA particulate air filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air/Arrestance)
    • H13 HEPA filter > 99,95 %
    • H14 HEPA Filter > 99,995 %
  • High-performance particulate air filter (ULPA = Ultra-Low Penetration Air)
    • U15 ULPA filter > 99.9995 %
    • U16 ULPA filter > 99.99995 %.
    • U17 ULPA filter > 99.999995 %.

With regard to the deposition of viruses, the laboratory tests are very controversial as they only give the values under laboratory conditions and of particles of a size of 0,1 to 0,3 micrometre (micrometre = 1/1000 mm) in a fixed time. For pollen, dust and fine dust as well as similar particles with a size of 0.1 to 10 micrometers, the test may be well suited, but unfortunately smaller particles such as viruses, among others, are not tested in this test method. Viruses can be smaller than 0.1 micrometres, so the degree of separation according to DIN EN 1822 is not meaningful enough with regard to the effectiveness of the filters for particles smaller than 0.1 micrometres.

By using three technologies that build on each other, FRIDA can eliminate viruses such as the COVID-19 virus from the aspirated air at a rate of 99.99%. The H14 HEPA filter eliminates the suspended particles with 0.1 to 0.3 microns and the subsequent UV-C irradiation deactivates the remaining viruses smaller than 0.1 microns, including the bacteria. the Corona virus.

Source RKI, as of 24.11.2020:

In general, the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is highest in the near field and during prolonged and close contact. In case of prolonged stay in e.g. small, poorly or not ventilated rooms, where many people are present, a transmission by infectious, small airborne particles (aerosols) can also occur over a distance of more than 1.5 m. Such aerosols can best be reduced or removed by regular ventilation or, in the case of ventilation systems, by exchanging the room air with a supply of fresh air (or by appropriate filtration) indoors (see also “What role do aerosols play in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2?”).

At present, a wide variety of (mobile) devices are offered as possible measures to clean or disinfect indoor air. The use of these devices should prevent indoor transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Further information on the various techniques and concepts, e.g. the use of air filters or fogging or radiation techniques, as well as on the efficiency of air exchange can be found, among others, in the statement “The risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 indoors can be reduced by appropriate ventilation measures” of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). The Commission for Indoor Air Hygiene at the UBA commented on air purifiers in schools on 17.11.2020.

In this context, however, it is important to emphasize that even efficient depletion (reduction) of aerosols in indoor air cannot effectively reduce the risk of transmission in the near field, e.g., in face-to-face contact at a distance of < 1.5 m. In addition, some important questions are still unresolved, such as the actual effectiveness in practical use, the health safety of the substances or processes used, or the sufficient distribution of a disinfecting agent or the filtered/disinfected air throughout the room. Also, the risk of indirect transmission via (droplet) contaminated surfaces cannot be reduced by the use of such devices (see also “Guidance on cleaning and disinfection of surfaces outside healthcare facilities in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic”).

The false assumption that when a certain device is used within a room, further measures, e.g. compliance with distance rules or the wearing of a mouth-nose covering, can be dispensed with, should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the use of such devices does not lead to a sense of “false security” and that the recommended infection prevention measures (AHA+L rule) continue to be followed.

For maximum safety with regard to virus inactivation, we recommend always switching on the UV-C function.

FRIDA is suitable for rooms up to a maximum of 100 m². In principle, however, this depends on several factors such as furnishing, room layout, ceiling height, etc.. Our sales partners will be happy to advise you on this.

In principle, FRIDA can be placed anywhere where good access to the room air is ensured.

Thanks to the manual power regulation, FRIDA can be adapted to almost all conditions. The programmable day and night switching extends the performance of the device.

It is only important that FRIDA is placed in such a way that none of the four air inlets at the bottom are covered by a wall or other objects. All side openings must be unobstructed so that room air can be drawn in undisturbed.

The air outlet at the top must also not be covered so that the air and DIOMIX can flow into the room unhindered.

You will receive exact placement suggestions from our sales partners during an on-site appointment.

As long as FRIDA is placed at a distance of at least 20 cm from the wall and none of the other side openings are covered by a corner, it can be placed against the wall. It is imperative that the other three openings remain free, otherwise the device will not function as desired (at least 20 cm distance to a wall, the other 3 sides must be free).

Objects can be stored in the vicinity of FRIDA without hesitation. The only important thing is that neither the air inlets at the bottom nor the air outlet at the top must be covered.

Make sure that no small objects can enter the device.

Yes, generally you are allowed to be in the room during operation. The air treatment is absolutely harmless in the standard mode.

Only in express and night mode should there be no persons in the room in order to achieve optimum results.

Already after 10 minutes the possible virus load is reduced by more than 60 %. After another 10 minutes a security of 99.9 % is already possible.

Yes, in general there is nothing against it. However, the mode of action may deteriorate. Let our sales partners advise you on site.

FRIDA has a CO2 sensor for control purposes. However, this measurement is not suitable for control because it is not sufficiently meaningful. The CO2 value refers only to the carbon dioxide load, but not to pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, germs or pollen. The CO2 value is therefore only a statement about the air quality in terms of carbon dioxide.

To control a regular supply of fresh air, this value should be monitored.

Yes. FRIDA cleans and disinfects the air, but cannot compensate for an oxygen deficit. Regular ventilation should be provided to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air and oxygen.

Yes. FRIDA is ideal for schools. The three technologies, which build on each other, enable the safest possible and at the same time extremely quiet operation. There are no disturbing noises. In addition, FRIDA has an EXPRESS mode that can be used during school breaks for intensive cleaning of the classroom.

FRIDA can be used in all countries with 220-240V mains voltage.

FRIDA is designed for permanent use and has a service life of several years.

Regular maintenance is not necessary.

To ensure that the air purifier can always develop its full cleaning power, the filter should be changed at least once every six months, provided that the air purifier is used daily. The change can be carried out without specialist personnel.

We use high quality UV-C tubes with an operating time of 9,000 hours. The change can be carried out without specialist personnel.

We recommend wearing gloves and a respiratory mask when changing filters.

At FRIDA, all aspects were taken into account when using DiOMiX. As a special safety measure for spraying the correct amount of agent into the room, the first thing to do is to enter the square meter area in the menu control. Quite decisive, because here the parameters for the quantity are determined and thus an exceeding of limit values is excluded. The second important aspect to understand is that DiOMiX is a product that is stable for approximately 90 minutes in air. After this time window, DiOMiX decomposes into two molecular structures that are completely harmless to humans. Here the identical procedure is used, which is used among other things for the disinfection of food. It is also interesting to note that there is a patent in the USA specifically for the use of the same chemical compound, which regulates the disinfection of blood / blood products. You are welcome to read more about the relevant sources in the “Science” section. Another enormously important aspect or important safety precaution for the use in the workplace and the safety and health of people in the room during the use of DiOMiX is to point out that there is a double precaution:

The use of strong UV-C light, as with the two double fluorescent tubes from FRIDA, also accelerates the decomposition of DiOMiX into its components. Because the air is constantly sucked in while DiOMiX is being released into the room, FRIDA filters exactly the same room air several times. Of course, the air is also irradiated by the UV-C tubes and it is an additional protection for people and animals in the room. Thus, all safety precautions have been taken to ensure that the use of FRIDA can be guaranteed while remaining well below the legal limits for chlorine dioxide. We refer in this regard to a scientific study and test in which living beings were permanently exposed to an identical concentration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months without suffering any harm. It was demonstrated that the use of the substance compound did not have any adverse effect on health or result in any changes. Such a long-term study is available for almost no other products with these positive properties in the fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Note: Only when using the “Express” and “Night” autoprograms – which both make themselves known with FRIDA through clear warnings (red flashing light, notice on the display to leave the room and a recognisable warning tone) – should there ideally be no people or animals in the room.

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