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The 5-dimensional surface hygiene & room air concept


FRIDA draws the room air through an upstream filter with the aid of a powerful fan. So it is the filter that does the work and makes it an important component of an air purifier.

Filters are available in different classes. FRIDA is fitted with an H14 filter, which is the highest class of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air/Arrestance) filter available.

An H14 filter has a suspended solids removal efficiency of ≥ 99.995 % (according to EN 1822:2009). It is therefore suitable for the separation of aerosols, dusts, germs, bacteria and viruses larger than 0.1-0.3 micrometers.

To combat some viruses, the effectiveness of H14 HEPA filters is controversial because they can usually be much smaller.

For this reason, FRIDA uses additional technologies.

UV-C light

After being filtered by the H14 HEPA filter, FRIDA additionally draws the room air past two powerful UV-C lamps. These kill the bacteria and viruses that are in the air flowing past the lamps. In a flash, the viruses’ important enzymes as well as their DNA or RNA (ribonucleic acid) are destroyed, rendering the bacteria and viruses harmless.

When using UV-C light, it is essential to ensure that the UV-C light is reliably shielded from people. Therefore, the UV-C lamps are well protected inside. In addition, we use coated UV lamps.

In a nutshell: The UV-C light FRIDA is highly effective against coronaviruses. And without risk.

Neutralization through DiOMiX technology

FRIDA neutralizes viruses and bacteria already in the air. Much earlier than with other methods, where the entire room air must first be exchanged several times. FRIDA starts the cleaning process of the air already in the room and is therefore much faster.
Through the continuous distribution of imperceptible, micrometer-sized, tiny particles of the special DIOMIX liquid, which is distributed throughout the room, freely floating pathogens such as aerosols, bacteria and viruses can be neutralized directly at the point of origin. They can therefore no longer be transferred to other persons. This makes DIOMIX technology the fastest and most effective method of combating unwanted pathogens.

Surface disinfection

FRIDA can disinfect surfaces of all kinds down to the smallest corner thanks to its specially developed DIOMIX Technology. With two modes of FRIDA, the dosage of DIOMIX liquid is automatically increased and the particles are distributed on all surfaces. In this way, the deposited viruses and bacteria can also be neutralized. No persons or other living beings should be in the room during the process. After completion of the procedure, the room can be entered absolutely safely. FRIDA is harmless to health. FRIDA does nothing different when it comes to surface disinfection. Only more thorough, faster and automatic.
The express mode lasts approx. 30 minutes and is particularly suitable for quick cleaning in between. Recommended, for example, for the shop during the lunch break, for the meeting room after a long meeting with several people, in the restaurant after lunch.
The night mode lasts 2 hours and is suitable for regular basic cleaning at night. The time period can be set simply and reliably using a timer. Manual commissioning is not required. Recommended for any room where several people are regularly present.

Room scenting

FRIDA scents the room and creates a feel-good atmosphere. Numerous scientific studies have shown that a pleasant room scent subconsciously changes behaviour and that the sense of smell plays an essential role in our well-being.
With the purified and absolutely clean air FRIDA sprays at the same time 100% biological fragrances, which spread with the air current pleasantly in the whole room.

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